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    Two films featuring Bean have been released. The initial, Bean: The supreme Disaster Movie, was directed by Mel Smith and released in 1997, with Atkinson reprising his title role. This broke from your program's tradition simply by using a subplot with more developed characters - as opposed to to be the sole main attraction, Bean here interacted having a suburban Californian family he stayed with while overseeing the change in Whistler's Mother to a Chicago memorial. The video grossed more than US$250 million globally ($45 million in the us) with limited funds estimated at $22 million.

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    In February 2001, an unproduced script outline to get a Mr. Bean movie placed in Australia was rumoured to possess been developed by screenwriter Richard Curtis.

    In March 2005, news started that the second Bean film, Mr. Bean's Holiday, was at development, with Atkinson reprising his title role. The show had been through several changes of brand name during its development, including Bean 2 and French Bean. Filming began on 15 May 2006 and started post-production in October 2006. It was released in the uk on 30 March 2007.

    On 17 July 2007, the North American premiere occurred in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on the Exclusively for Laughs festival; the launching pad for the Mr. Bean character 2 decades earlier. The film ended up being released nationwide in The united states on 24 August 2007. The show follows Bean by using an eventful journey across France to get a holiday in the French Riviera, which after a amount of misfortunes culminates in a unscheduled screening of his video diary on the Cannes Film Festival.

    The film is at some stage regarded as being the past live-action appearance of the character, but Rowan Atkinson later played Mr. Bean in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, and in 2016 stated that he would never retire the type.

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